Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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Prefix or suffixExampleMeaning
a-, an-ApathyNot, without, lack of
abdomin-AbdomenOf or relating to the abdomen
-ableViableCapable of
-ac, -acalCardiac Pertaining to
acanth-Acanthocyte Thorn, spine
acous-, Acu-Acoumeter Of or relating to hearing
acr-AacromegalyExtremity, topmost
-acusisParacusis Hearing
ad-, or -adAdductionAt, increase, on, toward
aden-AdenocarcinomaOf or relating to a gland
adip-AdipocyteOf or relating to fat or fatty tissue
adren-Adrenal arteryOf or relating to the adrenal glands
-aemia AnaemiaBlood condition
aer-AerobicAir, gas
aesthesio- AnesthesiaSensation
-alFemoral Pertaining to
alb-AlbinoA white or pale color
allAllopathy Different, or an addition
alveoli-AlveolusCavity, socket
ambi-AmbidextrousDenoting something as positioned on both sides; describing both of two
amni-AmniocentesisPertaining to the membranous fetal sac (amnion)
amph-AmphicraniaOn both sides
an-AnalgesiaNot, without
ana-AnaplasiaBack, again, up
an-Anal Anus
andro-Andrology Pertaining to a man
angi-AngiogramBlood vessel
aniso-AnisocytosisDescribing something as unequal
ankyl-, ancyl-AnkylosisDenoting something as crooked or bent
-antMalignant Having the characteristics of
ante-Antepartum Describing something as positioned in front of another thing
anti-AntibodyDescribing something as 'against' or 'opposed to' another
apo-ApoptosisAway, separated from, derived from
arch-Archinephron First, primitive
arsen-Arsenoblast Of or pertaining to a male, masculine
arteri-ArterioleOf or pertaining to an artery
arthr-ArthritisOf or pertaining to the joints, limbs
-aryBiliary tract Pertaining to
-asia, -asisHemostasisHaving the characteristics of
-astheniaMyasthenia gravisWeakness
atel-Atelocardia Imperfect or incomplete development
ather-AtherosclerosisFatty deposit
-ationMedication Process
atri-Atrioventricular An atrium (esp. heart atrium)
audit-Auditory canalHearing
aur-AuralOf or pertaining to the ear
aut-, auto-AutoimmuneSelf
aux-Auxocardia Increase, growth
axill-AxillaOf or pertaining to the armpit
azo-Azothermia Nitrogenous compound

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