Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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-ealPerineal Pertaining to
e-, ec-, ef-Ectopic pregnancyOut, away
ecto-EctoblastOuter, outside
-ectasia, -ectasisBronchiectasisExpansion, dilation
-ectomy, -ectomiseMastectomyRemoval of a body part.
em-, en-EmmetropiaIn, on
-emesisHematemesisVomiting condition
-emiaAnemiaBlood condition
encephal-EncephalogramOf or pertaining to the brain
end-, endo-EndocrinologyInside, or within
eosin-Eosinophil Red
enter-EnteritisOf or pertaining to the intestine
epi-EpicardiumOn, upon
episi-EpisiotomyOf or pertaining to the pubic region
erythr-ErythrocyteRed color
-esis Having the characteristics of
-esophageal, -esophago-EsophagusGullet
eu-EukaryoteTrue, good, well, new
ex-ExcisionOut of, away from
extra-Extradural Outside

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