Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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salping-SalpingectomyOf or pertaining to tubes
sangui-, sanguine-SanguineOf or pertaining to blood
sarco-Sarcoma Muscular, fleshlike
schist-Schistocyte Split, cleft
schiz-SchizophreniaSplit, or double-sided
scoli-Scoliosis Twisted
-scopeStethoscope Instrument for viewing
-scopyEndoscopy Use of instrument for viewing
scoto-Scotopic visionDarkness
semi-Semiconscious One-half, partly
sep-SepticemiaToxic condition due to micro-organisms
sial-Sialagogue Saliva, salivary gland
sigmoid-Sigmoid colonSigmoid, S-shaped curvature
sinistr- Left, left side
sinus-Sinusitis Of or pertaining to the sinus
sito-SitophobiaFood, grain
soma-, somato-Somatic Body, bodily
-spadiasHypospadias Slit, fissure
spasmo-Spasmodic dysphoniaSpasm
sperma-, spermo-, spermato-SpermatogenesisSemen, spermatozoa
splanchn-, splanchn-Splanchnology Viscera
splen-Splenectomy Spleen
spondyl-SpondylitisOf or pertaining to the spine, the vertebra
squamos-Squamous cellFull of scales, scaly
-stasisCytostasisStopping, standing
-staxis Dripping, trickling
sten-StenographyNarrow in shape
-stenosisStenosis Abnormal narrowing
steth-StethoscopeOf or pertaining to the upper chest
stheno- Strength, force, power
stom Mouth
stomat-StomatogastricOf or pertaining to the mouth
-stomyColostomy Creation of an opening
sub-Subcutaneous tissueBeneath
super-Superior vena cavaIn excess, above, superior
supra-Supraorbital veinAbove, excessive
sy, syl-, sym-, syn-, sys-Synesthesia Indicates similarity, likeness

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